What are the documents required for opening a Digital Savings account?

You will require the below documents for opening a digital savings account.
1) Aadhaar Card
2) PAN Card
3) Mobile Number linked with Aadhaar

Is PAN card compulsory for opening Saving Account?

Yes. As per regulatory guidelines, a PAN card is mandatory to open a saving account.

What are the charges associated with digital account opening?

You will not be charged for opening a digital saving account but there would be debit card charges basis your choice of debit card which will be shown in the journey.

How can i do the payment of the charges after opening the account?

You can add the charge money to your opened digital account using the account number and IFSC shared post the account opening journey. You will be able to fund this account using any mode i.e. UPI, NEFT and IMPS.

Can I open FinoPay savings account using a mobile number which is not linked to Aadhaar and OTP comes on the number used to open account

No,to open FinoPay savings account,the number has to be linked to Aadhaar and your journey will be rejected after entering Aadhaar and OTP received on the not linked mobile number

Is it mandatory to complete VKYC while account opening?

VKYC is not mandatory during the course of account opening.However it is suggested to proceed with VKYC to avail multiple offers by bank

Can I perform KYC at merchant point

Yes! You can visit merchant point and update your KYC

Can I get my Debit Card on my communication address which is not my permanent address

To meet the RBI guideline, in order to have the verified address, we will dispatch the Debit Card on your permanent address

Which all modes are currently applicable to open FinoPay savings account

You can open FinoPay savings account through FinoPay app and website